Spring Banquet 2017

Reception WEB

On April 18th ZION Development hosted its 26th annual spring banquet at Giovanni’s Restaurant and Convention Center in Rockford. There was an astounding increase in attendance compared to last year with 75 new attendees. The banquet was successful in raising $34,671 which is roughly $3,000 more than last year. Thank you to all of our supporters and sponsors for making this possible.

Mayor Tom McNamara served as the emcee and kicked off the banquet with his take on our ‘six elements of healthy neighborhood’ He later had the privilege of introducing the Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton.

Tom McNamara MC WEB

Brad Roos announced Dave and Judy Roby, as the recipients of the Roos Award for their hard work to improve the Midtown Community. The Roby’s chose to move to Midtown and have embraced the neighborhood with all of their energy.

Dave and Judy Roos Award WEB

We appreciated the kind appraisal of our work by the Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton who was glad to see Midtown making a comeback without overt gentrification. Her travels all over the country and world give her a unique perspective when she sees the work being done at the local level.

Rev Eaton WEB

Jedediah Cantrell, our board President, closed the evening by recognizing our outstanding board members and thanking everyone for making the evening a memorable one.

Thanks again for your contributions that made this banquet possible.