About Us

ZION Development is a nonprofit Christian community development organization formed as the result of outreach programs at Zion Lutheran Church, from which it draws vision and values. Since 1982, ZDC has been a good neighbor to thousands of people who live, work, worship and play in the Midtown community – seniors, people coming out of homelessness, families, employers, employees, business customers and churchgoers. Over the past 35+ years, ZDC has invested more than $27 million in housing and economic development projects in the area.

ZION Development seeks to get out ahead of the problems and pain in the neighborhood by putting into place Six Elements which will help strengthen the neighborhood and help prevent the problems which might otherwise arise. Furthermore, ZION’s strategy is to develop projects in the MidTown neighborhood which will be or become self-sufficient and which will make the neighborhood more economically sustainable. In this way gifts and donations from individuals and corporations can be used to help develop new projects and programs.

ZION has expanded its reach beyond Midtown in the last few years, bringing Strong Neighborhood Houses to other communities in the Rockford area and working alongside other developers to provide affordable housing to communities throughout Illinois. This allows us to expand our mission and impact efficiently and effectively without taking resources away from our home neighborhood of Midtown.

ZION Development is a member of the Christian Community Development Association (“CCDA”) (www.ccda.org), a national organization with thousands of members in communities of all sizes throughout the U.S. CCDA is a great resource both for the latest ideas in Christian community development and for encouragement and inspiration in doing this unique and often difficult work.